LOS ANGELES, January 1980 — It is an incredible time for fans of the Los Angeles Rams. Just when people thought the 1980s could not get off to a better start — especially after that mind-blowing Cheap Trick concert at the Forum on New Year’s Eve — the Rams are going to their first Super Bowl.

It is the pinnacle for a proud franchise, the first major league sports team to make a permanent home on the West Coast, way back in 1946. The Rams have not won a championship since 1951, but Super Bowl XIV will surely be the first of many more Super Bowls for the Rams and their loyal fans in Los Angeles.

(Note to the National Football League: Roman numerals might work for movie sequels like last year’s “Rocky II” and this year’s “Smokey and the Bandit II,” but it might be unreasonable for football games. Try to count in Roman all the way to something like Super Bowl 53.)

Los Angeles is the consummate Rams town. That was evident from last year’s “Fantasy Island” episode featuring Coach Ray Malavasi and three players, Jim Youngblood, Anthony Davis and Frank Corral. The Rams played themselves, because everyone knows the Rams, especially when they wear team gear. Janet Leigh, Ken Berry, Annette Funicello and Larry Storch all played other people.