A Yankees reliever has a new name, or at least a new spelling.

After eight seasons in the majors as Zach Britton, the pitcher announced Thursday that he would now be known as Zack Britton.

Britton said the change reflected his legal name, which is Zackary.

In response to a query on Twitter about why he waited to make the switch, he replied, “It’s a long story.” He added that the years of misspelling “never bothered me.”

Britton, 31, acquired during the 2018 season from the Baltimore Orioles, pitched in 25 games for the Yankees, mostly in short relief, with a 2.88 earned run average.

He joined a surprisingly long list of major leaguers who have changed their names midcareer.

Just last month, B.J. Upton, a former major leaguer, opted to reclaim B.J. after four years as Melvin, his legal name. Upton’s father was nicknamed Bossman, making him Bossman Junior, or B.J.