For the many who have grumbled that Broadway is too commercial and the very few griping that it isn’t commercial enough, Skittles has a show for you.

On Sunday, just before the Super Bowl, Skittles, the tasty ellipsoid confection, will present “Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical.” A half-hour show, with songs by Drew Gasparini (“Smash”) and a book by the playwright Will Eno and the copywriter Nathaniel Lawlor, it will play Town Hall — just once — for a paying audience of 1,500. (Town Hall is not exactly a Broadway theater, but still.) While some teaser ads have aired, the show itself won’t be broadcast.

“Skittles Commercial” stars Michael C. Hall, a longtime collaborator of Mr. Eno’s (“The Realistic Joneses,” “Thom Pain”). After a run through at a Greenwich Village rehearsal space last week, I asked Mr. Hall whether he was afraid that appearing in a candy commercial might cheapen his actorly credibility.